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We opened our office in April of 2015 in New York (Queens).  There’s no shortage of competition in our area; on our street alone there are seven other dental offices. We started out looking to do something great, so when considering ways to make our practice stand out, we stuck with what we were passionate about: creating a highly positive and memorable experience for our patients.

We all know that many patients are anxious about visiting the dentist – it’s not at the top of their “to-do” list. So, we decided to work towards making every interaction with the office as positive and comfortable as possible. We wanted to make it so that every patient actually looked forward to coming in! We focused heavily on four things:

1. Goals:

We looked at what we were trying to achieve as a good thing! We were excited about it. We’ve invested heavily in the office and it is really our pride and joy! Our staff can see our excitement and they’re excited about it as well – it’s contagious. That drive keeps everyone on the same page and working together.

2. The Team:

We built an incredible team. When we hire, one of our main qualifications is: “Is this person passionate about the job they are interviewing for?” People who love their work put in that extra effort which makes the difference between an “okay” and superb experience for patients. We invest in our staff (i.e. training, etc.), treat them with utmost respect and try our hardest to provide a great work environment. And I can’t overstress the importance of proper training. Before we let a staff member take on a specific task from as simple as answering the phone to more complex operations, we make sure they can do it perfectly. This a) builds their confidence and b) gets the job done right.  All in all, we love them and enjoy seeing them grow. And as a side-benefit, a great team makes us look better. You can’t do it on your own; you need a team to back you up!

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3. Details:

Ensure every detail is done right. In my office, every nook and cranny, including the restrooms is always sparkling. I check them several times a day. My staff knows this and takes the initiative to check, as well. The same goes for the rest of my office—I make sure my assistants and associates have everything they need to do their best.

4. Customer Service and Caring:

I left the most important point for last. If you were to use one word to describe our office culture it would be: caring. Our genuine care and concern for patients is the keystone of our practice. And if you demonstrate that you truly care about patients in your practice, your employees will emulate it. We know the names and stories of all our patients, and our staff follows our example. Our break room has signs that say “Give every patient a 5-star experience,” and “Go the extra mile.” If a patient gives a good review, we reward the staff member who serviced them. I’ve had patients tell me that I’m the one person who could sell them anything, because they trust me so much. And I feel like their trust is a direct result of the high level of care, attentiveness, and customer service in our office.

These points and our training on the MGE Power Program have led to rapid expansion. We started the MGE program in late 2015 and in 2016 we quadrupled our practice!  Based on the 1st Quarter of 2017, we’re on track to grow by another 80% for the year. And while the statistical increase is nice, even more importantly – we have a great time working and love what we do.

Hope this helps and wish you the best!


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