Ramon Padilla, D.D.S.

Last updated on September 21st, 2019 at 09:36 am

My story is not unique. It began as so many before me, and just as many after me. When I graduated Marquette University in 1998, I aspired to “Save the World,” and provide the best dental care to as many people as I could. Although in the beginning I found a few stumbles, it was very rewarding and I don’t regret being an associate. But as years went by I was pretty beaten up by “The Insurance System,” seeing between 25-40 patients per day and getting “decent” production with a bunch of write-offs. Gradually that burnt me out and I wanted to go private, hoping to be able to expand my clinical expertise and revenue growth.

My wife, young sons and I packed up and moved to the Sunshine State in 2004. In Naples, Florida, I purchased a 3 operatory practice that was running a fee-for-service client base. My initial months were very frustrating, on one hand dealing with the transition, and on the other dealing with patient acceptance of treatment. We never stopped looking into alternatives that would allow us to increase not only our patient base, but also collections to help handle the overhead expense. With no marketing, weekly business group meetings, or great hope we managed to get between 10-15 new patients per month. But practicing in Naples was seasonal, a roller-coastering process that drove me nuts as the summer approached.

In June 2007, we first heard about MGE: Management Experts, Inc. through a mailing. I talked to Dr. Winteregg and I signed up for the MGE New Patient Workshop. Then BAM! This was amazing material, and I wanted to know more, so my wife Soly and I decided to do the MGE Power Program. You know how sometimes you get a “gut feeling” and you know if something is right or wrong? I knew this was right. By October, after two of the MGE Communication and Sales Seminars, it “clicked” and we managed to see 22 new patients and our collections improved 100 times! We were extremely happy with our new success and wanted to continue the growth.

Since that time, a lot has happened. Not only did I complete the MGE Power Program, I hired my awesome office manager, who has completed the MGE Sales Internship and the MGE Power Program. As this practice grew we opted to try a larger game and decided to expand. In November 2008 we opened a second location in Fort Myers. This was while the news reported that this area had the highest bankruptcy and foreclosures in Florida. Within a year our practice generated the most income we’ve ever had and new patients were up to 70 per month. We hired an associate, and in 2010 we saw an average of 100 new patients per month!

Now, in 2011, we average 180 new patients per month. We’ve explored new innovative ways to market and reach new people that come and enjoy the marvelous environment that we have. The entire team loves our philosophy and works hard to reach our goals, all while greatly enjoying what they do. It’s great to see how we have grown from four employees to now 2 office managers and 13 phenomenal staff that help us make great things happen in SW Florida.

It’s important to not forget the basics. If you use and apply what you learn at MGE, the sky’s the limit. You make your own destiny. I decided in 2007 that there had to be a better way…and I found it. Someone once said, “It is what it is, but your future is what you make it.”