Roadmap to a Fee-for-Service Practice

Last updated on April 13th, 2024 at 04:57 pm


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You CAN go out-of-network and get paid your full fee. It’s easier than you think with the right tools! 

Tired of low reimbursements?

Review your plan participation, project the numbers forward, and create a step-by-step plan to be free from insurance dependency! 

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“This enabled us to drop all the capitation plans, Medicare and most of our PPO plans. Now both offices are primarily fee-for-service and collections have actually gone up by 166%!”

Vinh Le, DDS & Quang Le, DDS

“MGE had already helped so many dentists phase out of plans that we just followed their instructions.The scariest was going out-of-network with Delta, but we did it and it’s been GREAT. We’re able to spend more time with patients and do the treatment they truly need instead of just what insurance covers—while seeing higher collections and profit!”

Mina Abalos, DMD

“The information I learned works so well that I now have three hygienists and a MUCH busier office, despite dropping 75% of our reduced-fee plans!”

Alla Dorfman, DDS

How it works

Use our proprietary Insurance Plan Analyzer tool to assess each insurance plan and the associated costs

Project exactly what would happen to your production & profit if you phase out of a plan

Determine which plans should be renegotiated vs. dropped

Create a timeline for going out-of-network

Create a step-by-step plan for transitioning smoothly

Start increasing profit while reducing your overhead and workload!

Dr. Bagai decided to just go out-of-network and never look back.
See how it went:

While your expenses are rising, insurance companies are LOWERING reimbursements!

With inflation coming in at 21% over the last three years, you NEED to be able to raise your fees commensurately. 

But if you’re stuck in stagnant (or actively decreasing) insurance fee schedules, you don’t have control over your own business and profitability. 

If you don’t make a change now, your profitability problems will only get worse as time goes on. 

Dont Wait!

Get your Roadmap to a Fee-for-Service Practice today!

The future of your practice depends on it!