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Last updated on December 7th, 2018 at 04:59 pm

Is Your Practice Underproducing?

Us This Free Tool to Calculate Your Practice’s Potential Production!

How do you determine if you’re office is underproducing? There are a number of factors that go into this, including number of staff, payroll, operatories, active charts, new patients and more. The math can get a little complex, so we’ve made it easy for you! Fill out the form below to calculate your office’s potential and find out whether or not you’re falling short (and by how much)!

You’ll also receive a free analysis and breakdown of underproductive areas and how to fix them.

Calculate Your Practice’s Potential Production. It’s Free!

Who is MGE?

There’s no shortage of dental practice management or marketing firms. Many appear to offer the exact same services. It’s a wonder the average dentist doesn’t hit “information overload” from the choices available. It makes it difficult to determine which would be the best option for your individual practice.

So, you might be wondering: “What’s so special about MGE: Management Experts, Inc.?” Well, beyond the fact that we are arguably the largest dental practice management firm in the US if not the world, what truly makes us stand out is one thing: RESULTS.

At MGE, we live, sleep and breathe results. Clients come to us with a purpose – to improve conditions in their practice. If you read any of our literature or speak with one or more MGE clients you’ll see we uniformly get results: Doubled, tripled or quintupled revenues or new patients, less stress and financial success. Oftentimes, the results we get are so outrageous they may be hard to believe. It’s not uncommon to have prospective clients ask if they are real. Yes, they are. And with hard work and dedication you too could have similar results.

Like our results, the manner in which we help clients to obtain them are unique.

Their words, not ours:

Average monthly income increase: 866%

Before MGE, I was working 24 days per month and didn’t have a hygienist. Now, I work 16 days per month, make over 800% more per month than I did before, have two hygienists and a full complement of incredible staff. Before MGE, I had just a simple dental office in New York City, where there are over 10,000 dentists, so it’s not an easy market, but implementing what I learned at MGE made all the difference.

Location: NEW YORK, NY

Average monthly income increase: 700%

As we progressed through the MGE Power Program, we learned how to get organized. Before the Power Program our numbers would be up and down. On the program, we learned not just how to hit big numbers, but maintain them. We’ve grown so much that we added several associates and specialists to our practice. Things are smooth and predictable now because we have actual formulas to apply.

Location: BOSTON, MA

Average monthly income increase: 108%

The first thing we did with MGE was the MGE New Patient Workshop to try to increase the number of fee-for-service new patients. As a result, we increased the number of new patients by about 20 per month and now our new patients are 100% fee-for-service. Then, we did the MGE Communication & Sales Seminars. After doing these seminars, I can see that my communication with patients is much better. I’m much more focused and able to see where my patients are coming from and how I can get through to them. Finally, we signed up for the MGE Power Program and it’s really incredible how big of a difference it’s made for us.

Location: DETROIT, MI

Average monthly income increase: 93%

The MGE Power Program completely transformed my office. It gave me the executive know-how and organizational systems to control practice growth. It taught me how to get everyone on the same page, increase efficiency, and how to get the entire team to provide incredible customer service to my patients. The MGE training is like getting a Master’s degree in business for Dentistry.

Location: NEW YORK, NY

Average monthly income increase: 222%

The MGE Program is the most amazing program you’ll ever find, not only for business but for life; I recommend it all the time. With the MGE Power Program, expansion in our practice continued, and we’ve seen a ton of benefits with staffing and organization. I feel comfortable as an executive running my business and confident in leadership ability when it comes to directing my team. My office manager, Daniel, found it to be the same for him; we were both able to come together and build something really great.

Location: MIAMI, FL