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When you think about it, the number of regular recall patients/visits and the production that comes out of Hygiene are what determine the stability of any given practice.  These are patients that regularly show up and more or less willingly go ahead with any needed treatment when something goes wrong with their mouths.  The additional dentistry that is there to be done on fifteen hundred to two thousand recall patients can keep a dentist very busy with little new patient flow. A productive hygiene department is a win-win for you, your patients and your practice.

On the flip side, your Hygiene Department can be pretty frustrating when there’s big holes in the schedule and your paying the hygienists more than you’re making from it!

So learn how to build a consistently productive and profitable Hygiene Department that’s a real asset for your practice–and not a headache!

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The MGE Guide to Building a Profitable Hygiene Department
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