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Jeff Santone DDS a client at MGE Management ExpertsHi my name is Jeff Santone.

My background comes from Finance and Economics, and I think it’s given me an interesting perspective on dental practice management from a business perspective. I like numbers. I think with numbers. So when it comes to practice management systems I want to see one thing: does it work? And is that backed up by hard numbers and statistical proof?

Over the past five years, I’ve lectured at hundreds of dental events and meetings, and personally consulted with countless dentists. But before that, I ran a specialty practice that was entirely dependent on new patients. We didn’t have a hygiene program, so all of our production came from brand new patients. I got it up to maximum efficiency at $250,000 per month with one doctor.

Then we started running a Local Study group for GPs in the area and I got to meet a lot of great doctors and learn about their practices. I got to see how well or poorly different systems worked.

Then, looking for a new challenge, I took on management of a general dentistry practice and applied the concepts I had learned for attracting new patients, and was able to double that practice within months.

Then MGE asked me to come speak at some of their events around the country and I jumped on the opportunity because I love travelling, meeting new people, and learning. And I met a lot of people, learned a lot, and helped many, many dentists increase new patient flow in their offices.

All this experience enabled me to isolate why some practices get a flood of new patients coming in every month without needing to participate with reduced-fee insurance plans.

One thing that surprised me was that it wasn’t just about the external marketing they’re sending out. This reflected my own experience in the offices I managed, but now I was seeing it out in the world. Most of the major factors in their success attracting new patients had to do with what they’re doing internally.  

It wasn’t all about how much money they’re spending on postcards, Google ads, etc. Yes, those things can definitely work, but it all starts with internal systems. And the most successful and efficient offices I saw were getting more new patients from word-of-mouth referrals than from paid advertising.

I isolated six key things every dentist can do – that doesn’t involve spending money or joining insurance plans – to increase new patient flow dramatically.

And as I mentioned before, I’m a numbers guy. I wouldn’t give this information to you if I hadn’t seen it be backed by the numbers – dentists doubling, tripling or quadrupling their new patients from these 6 things alone.

So I hope you enjoy this ebook. For a limited time we’re offering it for free, and you don’t need to purchase anything or join any programs to make the information work for you.


Jeff Santone, MA.Econ
MGE: Management Experts

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